Shower Baths

Our range of L Shaped and P Shaped Shower Baths

It is commonplace these days to combine bath and shower, many modern bathrooms have limited space, and there just isn’t the option to have a separate bath and shower enclosure. Plenty of people go for the option of just having a shower enclosure, others prefer the option of being able to have the occasional soak in the tub.
Shower baths are an excellent compromise, with a shower head fixed to the wall over the bath, whilst still keeping the option of stretching out and relaxing in a full length tub. The L and P shaped bath tubs that we offer will provide a more spacious showering area, as you’d expect in a modern shower enclosure.
P-Shaped Shower Batha modern desingned p shape bath
The sleek style of the P shape bath design really brings a touch of elegance to your bathroom layout. The curved edge at the shower end give you ample room for a comfortable experience during your daily shower, avoiding any confinement you might find with a regular standard shape bath. A round shower screen can be placed along the curved edge to offer protection to the floor and other bathroom fixtures and maintain dryness.

L-Shaped Shower Bath
The L shape bath works with the same principle as the P shape, providing a spacious shower area without losing the option of having a relaxing bath. The L shape offers a contemporary, sharp modern styling that’s perfect for minimalist bathrooms. An angled rubber sealed shower door fits along the cube shape of the shower end, to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor or other bathroom fixtures.modern designed L shape bath
Our shower baths come with a 6mm barrel hinge for fixing the screen to the wall, solid aluminium fittings in a polished chrome finish, fully encapsulated baseboard, high impact polystyrene side and end panels are available for our baths. They are supplied un-drilled, with leg set and are available in left or right handed options to suit your requirements.
The screens are made of 6mm toughened glass, which is also easy clean for your convenience. They feature an adjustable hinge up to 180 degrees, and come complete with a Quality water tight plastic seal for between screen and bath. Our screens can be adjusted for out of true walls.
Shower baths can be an excellent solution and a stylish addition to your bathroom design, they work especially well when space is a concern. So if you’re considering combining a shower and bath, check out our affordable L and P shape baths.
As with all our products, our quality Shower baths come with a 10 year guarantee for added peace of mind and reassurance.

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